The World Cup - Murcia, Spain 2nd to 7th July 

Foosball Australia is pleased to offer $500 financial support to each of last year's top players to travel to Spain to represent Australia.

FAI Secretary, Loren Burchett is coordinating Team Australia


National Rankings

The competition year has started with the guys from Victoria already posting their scores.  Results from the January Melbourne tournament are as follows:

Rank Name State/Country FAI Points Total
1 Farid Amin VIC 300
2 Andrew Li VIC 200
3 Loren Burchett VIC 175
4 Tim Smith VIC 150
5 George Dimopoulos VIC 125
6 Simon Flaig VIC 125
7 Jacek Marzec VIC 125
8 Magdalena Puniach VIC 125
9 Martin Oktay VIC 75
10 Marisa Haro VIC 75
11 Peter Lam VIC 75
12 Edison Fung VIC 75
13 Giulia Montellanos VIC 75


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Previous Year's Results

National Results 2018

National Results 2017