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Tasmanian Open, Domain Tennis Centre, Hobart.  Saturday November 3rd.

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National Rankings

The year is well underway with a consistent leader Farid Amin leading the charge.

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2017 Results

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Australian Nationals:  Singles winner: Hamid Abdolrahmani, Runner up: David Morgan.  Doubles Winners: Hamid Abdolrahmani and Trevor Parker

Queensland: Singles winner: Trevor Parker, Runner up: Paul Wright.  Doubles Winners:  Norbert Marczinek and Gergő Horváth 

Tasmania: Singles winner: Trevor Parker, Runner up: Shane Bartel.  Doubles Winners: Trevor Parker and Danny Gruden

Victoria: Singles winner: Farid Amin, Runner up: Hamid Abdolrahmani.  Doubles Winners: Hamid Abdolrahmani and Mohammed Yazdi

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